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obesity - Obesity America did you know that around 20 of...

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Obesity America, did you know that around 20% of the United States citizens are obese? What is obesity? Obesity is when someone is overly fat with adverse health affects. This is determined when someone has a BMI over 30. This is so sad considering there are so many diets or not diets that work. First, a person has the option of dieting which sometimes can be bad because this is usually “temporary,” when the more effective plan, plan 2, is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. This plan works so much better and guarantees results that will last as long as you follow the rules. When it comes to Plan 1, there are many options including the Atkins, which is when someone eats no carbohydrates, or the South Beach Diet, which is very similar in the fact that carbohydrates are limited and based on the “good” or “bad” carbs. There are also many other diets out there that encourage someone to eat healthy like weight watchers, yet there are also diets which encourage random not affective things, such eating lemons to
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