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Kiely Case Study5 - Objectives Identify disorders in normal...

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Objectives: Identify disorders in normal eating patterns Plan appropriate Calorie intake Become aware of problems that can occur with extreme Calorie reduction intakes Understand that perceived body image problems may not be resolved by weight loss History AN, a 15-yo girl, sought the counsel of a commercial weight loss program because she wanted to lose weight. She is 5 ft 7 in tall and weighs 158 lbs. She has a broad, strong body because she trains daily and plays basketball. She is so lean that her periods are irregular. However, AN had trouble finding clothes that fit and looked nice on her because of her size. She tried to lose weight on her own, but had no success. So she went to a weight loss organization. The weight loss organization placed her on an 800-Calorie diet. The guidelines for the eating plan are below. She followed the regiment to the letter, however when she went in for weighing, she was not losing weight. To combat this problem, the counselors in the program decreased the Calorie intake to 500 per day. At this level AN could no longer stick to the regime. She went on eating binges and then suffered agonies of remorse. Redoubling her efforts, she would maintain the dietary level for a few days and then give in again. Almost all her time was devoted to eating, thinking about food and her “weight problem”. Finally she resigned herself to eating 500 Calories per day, and by sticking with her training schedule, managed to lose 19 pounds in two months. At this point her periods stopped. She was still not happy with her body and wanted to continue to lose weight. Her parents, who never thought AN had a weight problem, stepped in and brought her to a
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Kiely Case Study5 - Objectives Identify disorders in normal...

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