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GM foods - Genetically Modified Foods come with either a...

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Genetically Modified Foods come with either a lot of benefits or a lot of risks. Food that is genetically modified is a technique used for foods many different ways. It can control a variety of different traits of foods. In agriculture, engineers transfer traits or organisms from wild relatives of plants, or distantly related crops to other organisms to make different foods. These genetically engineered foods are much different than normal foods. Like I said earlier there are many risks involved in eating genetically engineered foods. The differences you probably won’t be able to taste. The differences are only really in the growth process and the genes of the food. For example, there is a way to make a tomato look ripe by changing its color. More in detail about the difference is the fact that non GM foods were probably grown with pesticides on them while GM foods don’t use pesticides they mix enzymes and genes so that the item will grow they way they would like.
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