WEEK 12 - Western Reform Jordan Western Week 12 Journal...

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Western Reform Jordan Western Week 12 Journal History 109 Ridout An Age of Reform In a time when America’s government structure was shaky and many reform groups were emerging, the topic of liberty and equality was discussed along with slavery. One man, Robert Owen’ proposed a new system of society while another, Phillip Schaff stressed individual’s self-control to better the government. Many abolitionist leaders such as Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison wrote harsh words directed at slaveholders and bystanders letting the cruel acts and bloodshed happen. Women such as Catharine Beecher and the Grimke sisters who were daughters of slaveholders wrote about women’s place in the abolitionist movement and women’s rights in society. This was truly an age of reform and the abolitionist movement was at the center of it all. A man by the name of Robert Owens proposed a society with a much more perfect system of liberty and equality where everyone could express his
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Western Reform or her thoughts freely without judgments. He stressed union and cooperation over self-interests and thought if everyone contributed a few hours in the workplace then all would be rich. On the other hand, Philip Schaff, a Swiss- German minister stressed to his European audience that in America, “True national freedom, in the American view, is anything but an absence of restraint it is more rested upon a moral groundwork, upon the virtue of self- possession and self-control in individual citizens”(Schaff 43). Schaff gave an important example of self-control when he discussed the temperance
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WEEK 12 - Western Reform Jordan Western Week 12 Journal...

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