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interactive session 3 - Lab Time Monday 10:00 AM April 2...

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Lab Time: Monday 10:00 AM April 2, 2006 BUAD 304 Professor Cummings TA: Zheying Wu Interactive Session #3 Homework Case Incident “I Detest Bureaucracy” 1. What type of organization is this? a. This is a boundaryless organization. This is defined as an organization that seeks to eliminate the chain of command, have limitless spans of control, and replace departments with empowered teams. Because this form of organization relies heavily on information technology, some have turned to calling this structure the T-form (or technology-based) organization. This is so because at Greg’s company, employees are required to remain accessible via email, cell phones, instant-messaging, or laptops. By removing these vertical boundaries, status and rank are eliminated. This doesn’t completely happen at Greg’s company. There are managers that mandate certain goals to employees, but these employees are given an extreme amount of independence and autonomy to achieve those goals. In a sense, a portion of the rankings are eliminated but still exist when it comes to finishing the job. If the employee does not achieve their goal, then they will be fired. There is little tolerance for failure in Greg’s company. There is little departmentalization in this company; employees are basically working on their own time and are free to come and go as they please. By emphasizing that each employee is available to be reached, the company is in a sense blurring the organizational boundaries because of the requirement to remain accessible via technology. Because Greg requires each employee to remain available through a laptop, it is assumed that his company has networked computers where people can communicate across any existing boundaries. b. Greg’s company also somewhat follows the organic structure. This is defined as a structure that is flat, uses cross-hierarchical and cross-functional teams, has low formalization, possesses a comprehensive information network, and relies on participative decision making. Greg’s company has some of these characteristics: decentralization and low formalization and wide spans of control (due to the high level of autonomy Greg offers his workers). This structure makes sense for Greg’s
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interactive session 3 - Lab Time Monday 10:00 AM April 2...

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