di key - gram coccus Mycobacterium s neither bacillus...

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Bacterium Gram +/- Morphology Acinetobactor c. gram- neither Baccillus c. gram+ bacillus Bacillus m. gram+ bacillus Bacillus sp. gram+ bacillus Bacillus s. gram+ bacillus Bacillus t. gram+ bacillus Bartonella h. gram- bacillus Bdellovibrio b. Branhamella c. Chromobacterium v. gram- bacillus Citrobacter f. gram- bacillus Clostridium b. gram+ bacillus Corynebacterium d. gram+ bacillus Corynebacterium p. gram+ bacillus Desulfovibrio s. gram- bacillus Enterobacter a. gram- bacillus Enterobacter c. gram- bacillus Enterococcus f. gram+ coccus Erwinia h. gram- bacillus Escherichia c. gram- bacillus Francisella t. gram- bacillus Gluconobacter o. Helicobacter p. gram- bacillus Klebsiella p. gram- bacillus Lactobacillus a. gram+ bacillus Lactococcus l. gram+ coccus Legionella p. gram - bacillus Leuconostac m. gram+ coccus Listeria m. gram+ bacillus Micrococcus l. gram+ coccus Micrococcus r.
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Unformatted text preview: gram+ coccus Mycobacterium s. neither bacillus Neisseria s. gram-coccus Norcardia a. gram+ bacillus Peptococcus n. gram+ coccus Proteus m. gram-bacillus Propionibacterium a. gram+ bacillus Psuedomonas a. gram-bacillus Psuedomonas f. gram-bacillus Psuedomonas p. gram-bacillus Rhodococcus r. gram+ bacillus Salmonella e. gram-bacillus Salmonella t. gram-bacillus Sarcina l. gram+ coccus Serratia m. gram-bacillus Serratia l. gram-bacillus Shigella f. gram-bacillus Staphylococcus a. gram+ coccus Staphylococcus e. gram+ coccus Streptococcus g. gram+ coccus Streptococcus p. gram+ coccus Vibrio c. gram-bacillus Treponema p. neither neither Yersinia p. gram-bacillus Alcaligenes f. gram-bacillus...
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di key - gram coccus Mycobacterium s neither bacillus...

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