flu brochure - exposed the flu within 1-2 weeks of...

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Two changes can occur in  the virus, minor and major.  Minor changes or antigenic  drift, are the minor changes  that make previous immunity  less effective. Major  changes, or antigenic shift,  are major changes that  when happen, cause large  outbreaks of the disease. To  prevent any of the changes  affecting you, it is best to get  vaccinated every year.  Back Panel Heading Influenza Vaccination
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Influenza Influenza is an airborne disease that  is transmitted through close contact  with others.  The flu attacks your immune system  making it weak. Influenza uses  infected cells to make more copies  of the virus to spread throughout  your entire body, making it weak.   Flu Shot Symptoms of Influenza -fever -headache -cough -sore throat -body aches -runny or stuffy nose -tiredness Getting the flu shot will not make you acquire the flu. If you are
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Unformatted text preview: exposed the flu within 1-2 weeks of receiving the vaccination it is likely you could still be infected. Caption describing picture or graphic. Caption describing picture or graphic. ♦ The vaccine prevents Influenza in 70-90% of those that receive the vaccination. ♦ The most common side effects of the vaccine include swelling, soreness and redness of the injection site, other side effects that are less common such as fever, headache and sore throat can occur. The vaccine works by inserting a weak strain of the infection into the body. The body then builds up immunity to the infection and when exposure may follow later, the body is immune to it. Influenza is a highly mutable infection and it changes every year, and is therefore a good idea to get the vaccine every year....
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flu brochure - exposed the flu within 1-2 weeks of...

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