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concert report guide

concert report guide - Guide to Writing Effective Concert...

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Guide to Writing Effective Concert Reports It is not easy to write about unfamiliar music you have heard only once. I don’t expect you to be able to analyze in detail every piece on the program. But by really paying close attention to one or two selections, you should be able to comment intelligently on some aspects of the music you hear. Begin by describing its basic sound and the overall mood of the music you have decided to focus on. Some adjectives that may come to mind are: intense, sad, angry, cheerful, triumphant, excited, laid back. (Please avoid the overuse of mellow or upbeat ). Does the music remind you of something you have heard before? Where would you likely hear a live performance of it? In a jazz club? In church? In a theater? At a wedding? A parade? In a concert hall? Would the music work as the soundtrack of a movie? If so, what kind of movie? Next, ask yourself, “What about the music created these impressions? What was the instrumentation? Was there a vocal part? What was the size of the group? What was the overall
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