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Globalization Study Quide p. 4 - effective control and...

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STUDY GUIDE - EXAM I (page 4) COLONIALISM IS SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA What were some precolonial African achievements? - Mali and Songhai Empires - University of Timbuktu - Rich goldfields and exports - Benin had cities comparable to Europe What were problems for the Portuguese explorers? - They were profit-driven - Killed by African germs - They also built Fort Jesus What were main drivers of the messy colonization? - God (Missionaries were among first to coloize) - Glory - Gold (Africa is very rich with minerals wanted by Europe) What was the Berlin Conference? - A gathering of 13 countries to avoid war and establish rules for what determined
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Unformatted text preview: effective control and carved up and traded Sub-Saharan Africa Who owned what?- England - West Africa, Bechuanaland, Rhodesia.- France - North Africa and areas inland from West African coast- Germany - Scattered territories- Portugal - Angloa and Mozambique- Italy - Somalia and Eritrea Direct Rule- French West Africa and Portuguese Angola- Assimilation- Taxation Indirect Rule- Ruling through existing traditional leaders- Elevated status of particular ethnic groups in the colonial administration- Fulani in West Africa- Northern Nigeria- Tutsi in Rwanda- Baganda in Uganda- Taxation...
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Globalization Study Quide p. 4 - effective control and...

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