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Globalization -SQp8

Globalization -SQp8 - Handpicked by Putin Putin enjoyed 70...

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STUDY GUIDE - EXAM I (page 8) What puts it in the core? - Improved economic performance since 2000 - Abundant natural resources - Educated populations What puts it in the periphery - Risisng transportation costs within the region - Food production is problematic - 1990s rising prices, unemployment, declining investment and industrial output - Poor quality of life (healthcare, economic uncertainty) What is the relationship between Putin and Medvedev
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Unformatted text preview: - Handpicked by Putin- Putin enjoyed 70% approval (or not?)- Brought political stability vs. power concentration in Kremlin- Imposed peace in Chechnya vs. handed control to former rebel- Restored Russia's position as influential world power- Positive economic growth and rise in living standards vs. growth is fueled by surging oil and gas prices and inflation remains high...
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