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Globalization -SQp3 - Gained independence from Pakistan in...

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STUDY GUIDE - EXAM I (page 3) What are differences in the core and periphery? - Energy consumption - Labor force - Use of technology - Dependence on minerals - Trade - Literacy - Population growth More - Success of core regions depends on dominance and exploitation of periphery - Historically through colonialism - Presently through economic imperialism READING: Sach's Malawi - Capital is Lilongue - AIDS-stricken, Nthandire has a malaria problem - Blantyre, home of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where AIDS treatment is $1 a day - People in Malawi make about $.50 a day or $180 a year - Vice President is Justin Malewezi Bangladesh - 140 million people
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Unformatted text preview: - Gained independence from Pakistan in 1971, was an international basketcase, much better now- Large garment industry, it increases the economy by 5% per year- Bangladeshi Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) + Grameen Bank = microfinance India- Call center workers earn $250-$500 a month China- Beijing has 11 million people- 8% growth rate per year- Exports were $20 billion in 1980 and $400 in 2004. World- 1 billion live in extreme poverty and 1.5 billion in low income (40% of the world), 2.5 in middle class, and 1 billion in high income.- 93% of the world lives in East Asia, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa...
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  • Spring '08
  • Bangladeshi Rural Advancement Committee, economic imperialism READING, Bangladeshi Rural Advancement, Justin Malewezi Bangladesh

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