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STUDY GUIDE - EXAM (page 6) What happened after the Russian Empire failed in 1917? - It was replaced by the Soviet Union, designed by Lenin then Stalin - It had 15 internal republic along nationality/ ethinic lines - Devolved onward from 1991 What were some benefits from the Soviet era? - Much of todays' infrastructure was established - Nationalization and creation of creation of centralized economic planning - Production targets and industrial output was controlled bu the state - production increased - Focus on heavy industrial (not consumer) goods - Nationalization of agriculture - Large scale collectives and state farms, state production targets - Small private farms allowed in 50s and 60s - raised food output - Economy improved - Massive housing project - High literacy rates
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Unformatted text preview: - Quality healthcare- Employment guarantess What were some problems with the Union?- Inefficient agriculture- Poor quality manufacturing- Shortages of basic necessities- Technology revolution failure- Wealth inequality (elite vs. citizenry)- Failed war with Afghanistan What lead to the collapse under Gorbachev?- Hope: Reform- Perestroika and Glasnost- Restructuring of the communist party, a new som - perestroika- Government openness and accountability - glasnost- Dissolution of gulag - release of politcal prisoners- Dillutsion- Chernobyl (1986) and other environmental issues- People realized the government wasn't prepared- #1 in death from environmental issues- Inflation rose, salaries fell, strikes- People demand openness and accountability...
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