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STUDY GUIDE - EXAM I (page 7) What was the result of the collapse? - Kazahkstan and Georgia demanded independence - Baltic Republics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Caucasus, and central Asia demanded independence - Civil war - 14 republics seceded - Communist party and KGB dissolved - Gorbachev resigned What were some of the imperative changes? - Oil was 20% of world prices - US trade embargos prevented investments - Underground economy undermined central planning - Arms race was unsustainable (couldn't keep up with the West because of technology) What happened under Yeltson and Putin? - Privitization - Yeltson wanted fast privitization/liberalization but Gorbachev wanted it slow) - Red directors - old people that wanted to hold the power - Oligarchs - young businessmen that wanted privitization that happened through loans for shares program, oligarchs lended money to government for shares and got jipped).
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Unformatted text preview: - Efforts to achieve greater autonomy (Chechnya).- The mafia - underground economy- Military decay and rising employment- Death rates (drug abuse, etc) > birth rates. At one time for every 10 pregnancies there were 13 abortions. How is globalization impacting Russia?- Moscow and St. Pete growing international investment- Domestic industrial sector decline- Cleaner air Post-9/11: Putin- Opportuinity to rebuild their global reputation- Recasting of Chechnya war as part of "war on terror"- Solidifying their domestic geopolitical agenda- Closer relations with UK and US Core or Periphery?- Russian middle-class represents on 10-15% of the population- -2.7% growth rate from 90-92- Official spending on environment is 10% of precollapse levels- Disposal od by-products is a problem...
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