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-The clusters of eight cases of leukemia among children in Niles cannot reasonably be attributed to the effects of random distribution. These cases constitute a clearly defined micro-epidemic. p.42 -Over the years, other leukemia clusters began to surface. The small town of Orange, Texas; in Rutherford, New Jersey; and in Almond, New York. In all theses places, as in Niles, investigators failed to find a cause or even a significant lead. p.42 -Results have suggested that little if any tendency for cases to come in clusters beyond what chandce would predict. p.43 -These cluster cases show that there is no correlation between toxic waste and leukemia. It's unfortunate, but it happens. -Other factors that cause leukemia are: 1. "Arsenic in small doses" is suspected as a cancer-causing agent and chromium was a known carcinogen that caused tumors of the lungs and nasal passages when inhaled. p.39
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Natural or artificial ionizing radiation 3. Certain kinds of chemicals 4. Some viruses 5. Genetic predispositions Evidence from "Death and Justice" article:-50% of the water in wells G and H would be drawn directly from the Aberjona River after several months of continuous pumping.-Other possible sources of contamination to the wells are: 1. industrial contaminants dumped into a drainage ditch 2. groundwater flowing parallel to the river, which could haven been polluted by the same industries 3. Flooding of the sewer systems 4. Severe flooding of the Aberjona River that occurred in January 1979. 5. Sources of contaminated groundwater near the wells, such as the former Hemingway Transportation property. Our argument: WR Grace did not contaminate the wells. And that even if they had, the chemicals did not cause leukemia or any other illnesses alleged by the plaintiffs....
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