international law - John Kim 47517686 C100 4-21-08 Response...

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1 John Kim 47517686 C100 4-21-08 Response Paper #1 The movie Michael Collins was a great example of some of the topics discussed in class. According to the movie, it showed how the Irish people struggled to fight for their independence by using force. Throughout the movie, there were so much violence and battles between the British and Ireland. It made me think that the Irish were not happy with the British and they let the British know about through violence. After the Civil War, a lot of people were still unhappy with the way things were decided. They didn’t want a separate Ireland. They wanted all of their country. The Irish people were furious and couldn’t believe that Michael Collins who negotiated for them was a traitor. The Northern Ireland is still attached to Great Britain and it is separate from Ireland. This movie made me think about the relationship between Britain and Ireland after the independence and how it affects the creation of international law. Some of the common themes throughout the movie are the parades, marches, and the battle of Boyne. The act of marching make the British feel angry and furious while the Irish feel proud and represent who they are. This example from the movie is related to some of the things we
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international law - John Kim 47517686 C100 4-21-08 Response...

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