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eng 104 paper 1 - Loug hma n |1 Tara Loughmans Professor...

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L o u g h m a n | 1 Tara Loughmans Professor Bill W.R.D. 104 Sec. 202 January 13, 2008 Composition #1 Every human being possesses their own set of morals, virtues, and beliefs whether they are aware of it or not. Some may choose to express these qualities more openly than others. To some, the right to express their feelings and beliefs is the most important thing because it makes them feel like they are that much closer to perfecting the world in which they live. “ Hot Air Gods” is an article written by Curtis White in Harper’s Magazine that focuses on the importance of the beliefs of people, the flaws of common belief systems in America, and how beliefs are actually causing economical problems for our country. Furthermore, White’s arguments in “ Hot Air Gods” are very debatable. First and foremost, the article begins talking about the importance of everyone’s beliefs. White begins the article explaining the importance of the statement “This is my belief”. According to White this statement alone implies three very important things to people. One being that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. Next it implies that everyone should respect your belief or at least respect your right to your belief. Lastly, beliefs do not have to make sense to others to carry legitimacy. That was clearly the thesis of the article and these ideas
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eng 104 paper 1 - Loug hma n |1 Tara Loughmans Professor...

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