Pol 202 - - because there is anarchy on the global level...

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Pol 202 Final Review Describe two key missions, involving UN aide, that must be accomplished for post-Cold War peacekeeping in civil wars to succeed. In order for peacekeeping in a civil war to succeed they must first establish a democratic government in which there are fair elections and a governing body. Also they must rebuild the military and police forces. This is a difficult task because they must make members from each different group collaborate with one another in order to have effective defense systems. Proportionality Don't kill too many civilians Must take in account compared to non-combatants Realists All about you Be selfish People fight to gain power and expansion Constructivists All about values Liberalists Based on institutions Levels of Analysis State Actors Non State Actors Realism - Care only about yourself Alliance -military partnership -can be for aggressive gains
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Unformatted text preview: - because there is anarchy on the global level Balance of Power Theory-less war when there's power- Theory: less chances of attack because you're ready World War I-started by the assassination of the Duke Ferdinand of Austria Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy Rally around the flag effect Diversionary Theory of War Society and Foreign Policy Liberal Theory-all about institutions, leading more cooperation between states Security Dilemma and Nuclear Deterrence Game Theory Prisoner's Dilemma Rational Decision Cognitive Aspect of Decisions Prospect Theory Cuban Missile Crisis Iran Hostage Crisis Nationalism Causes of War Bipolar Alliance System Democratic Peace Liberal Peace Schliffland Plan International Trade Collective Goods Excludability Jointness of Supply Conservative Solution Privatization Liberalism Realist Approach...
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Pol 202 - - because there is anarchy on the global level...

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