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case proposal - 1 Problem Statement: It is the middle of...

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Problem Statement : It is the middle of the night at a maximum security prison containing approximately five hundred inmates and quite a bit of responsibility is bestowed upon the deputy warden. When a prisoner, a minority member with mental health problems and violent tendencies, begins launching himself into the walls a group of four correctional officers are gathered to prevent him from doing any further harm, especially to himself. The four officers are relatively new however, and not practiced in cell extraction, the inmate charges at them out of his cell, and one officer takes extreme measures and while wrestling the inmate applies heavy pressure to carotid artery on his neck for fifteen minutes, putting him in a coma. The inmate is declared brain-dead at a local hospital and his family takes him off life-support, letting him die after two months of no brain activity. Goals and Objectives : Training is crucial to making sure an incident like the aforementioned does not occur again. Correctional officers need to under extensive training even before reporting to work once hired. If the four officers had been better trained and perhaps had experience in cell extraction, perhaps the inmate in question would still be alive, the prison would not have a tarnished name and implications of racism, and the family of the inmate would not have had to watch their family member die. The goal of this proposal is to have all correctional employees trained extensively before being deployed to work in correctional institutions. An all-encompassing training program needs to be set up by correctional administration, taught by the best correctional
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case proposal - 1 Problem Statement: It is the middle of...

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