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Peter Cameron Fri. 9-10 Nov. 2 nd , 2007 Population Pyramids A. Country A has a large population in the 0-39 range, then it slowly goes down all the way to the 80+ range. Country B has a very young country. They have an extremely large amount of 0-9 year olds and the 10-29 group is large as well. It continually shrinks till it hits very slim margin at the 80+ range. Country C has a large amount of people through the 20-59 range and decent to small sizes in the 60-80+ and below 19. Country D is slightly similar to country B, but with a less amount of people in each age group. It has a lot of people in the 0-29 age group area then it slowly goes down from there till it hits a small sliver at 80+. B. Child bearing: Country A=22.87% Country B=24.69% Country C=20% Country D=24.94% C. In 20 years it will look like the pyramid won’t shrink. It will definitely look more even for Country D and B who look very disproportionate now. The population will not shrink though after the law of having 2 kids only law is put in because of momentum. D. I think the standard of living is probably terrible in country B and not so terrible, but
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