Paternity Leave

Paternity Leave - While very funny, comedians are often...

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Unformatted text preview: While very funny, comedians are often instrumental in reinforcing stereotypes. Jack Dee is no exception, and while his set on paternity leave is comical, it is also strengthening the stereotype ingrained in most peoples brains that men are not the nurturers, not the caretakers of their children, but rather the distant parent not necessary in raising a child; especially when Jack Dee is hardly mincing words, Its not going to help his new child [referring to the idea that Prime Minister Blair might take paternity leave after his wife gave birth to their child]. Dee perpetuates several stereotypes in his four-minute stint on paternity leave, but two in particular that stand out are men are not meant to be a nurturing parent or show any sign of mothering, and that men have more important jobs than women who should stay home with the children and simply be mothers. In citing the reasons why men are unfit to be significant caregivers in their childrens lives, and thus unfit for paternity leave, Dee narrows in on the stereotype that...
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