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In most cases, feederism involves a male "feeder" and a female "feedee" who is encouraged to gain weight for the feeder's sexual pleasure. What would a radical feminist say about feederism? Is it about sex or about power? What was your reaction to this video? I imagine that radical feminists frown on a lot that goes on in the modern world concerning the treatment of women, but I would assume that feederism would cause quite a reaction amongst a group of radical feminists. Any behavior, pastime, or idea that encourages women to alter themselves or perform like an animal for the satisfaction, particularly sexual satisfaction, for men is going to irk a feminist, particularly a radical feminist. Women have been subjugated by men for far too long, viewed as chattel and forced to perform at a moment’s whim. In the mind of a radical feminist, men have held the control for far too long, and this sexual fetish of feederism is just one more example of men holding all the power while the women perform like dogs doing tricks.
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