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Study Guide Final - Study Guide for Final (Medical Ethics)...

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Study Guide for Final (Medical Ethics) First, review the first three tests. Professional-Patient Relationships: Veracity is about truth telling. The arguments for its importance usually involve one of three approaches: first, respect for others. This is about autonomy and is deontological in approach. We must honor another person’s moral value, their capacity for reason and decision-making, and that means telling the truth. The second is about fidelity and truth keeping. We enter into a covenant of sorts with our patients/physicians and that means the truth is assumed. Third is trust itself, which is essential to doing good medicine. Insofar as this requires a lasting relationship, it’s from virtue ethics; insofar as it is about maximizing results, it’s utilitarian. Veracity is prima facie binding. There are cases where disclosing bad news might harm the patient in unacceptable ways and there are cases where a patient does not WANT to hear such news. Policy has recently shifted toward disclosure, mainly on the basis of autonomy, which is becoming more important in medicine (patient autonomy) (285). This is why family preferences should NOT decide disclosure in the case of autonomous/ competent patients. There are three arguments for limited disclosure that people commonly use (288). However, the problem with each of them is that we can’t know the consequences of our actions fully enough to say with certainty what the results of full disclosure would be. Many medical professionals have a difficult time reporting the incompetency of colleagues, but studies have shown that not disclosing this “threatens the relationship of trust between professionals and patients and increases the risk of legal action” (291). Privacy is very difficult to define but seems to generally involve access to information or
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Study Guide Final - Study Guide for Final (Medical Ethics)...

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