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geotech lab 2a

geotech lab 2a - CL lean clay 3 86 passing No 4 sieve 11...

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Supplemental Information A soil that has a USCS classification of SM- silty sand has: 0%<x<50% gravel 0%<x<50% sand 0%<x<50% fines that classify as either silt or elastic silt Index Property Data Classification 1 40% retained on No. 4 sieve, 4% passing No. 200 sieve, Cu=12, Cc- 1.1, LL=20, PI=10. SW well-graded sand 2 95% passing No. 4 sieve, 80% passing No. 200 sieve, LL=40, PL=22.
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Unformatted text preview: CL lean clay 3 86% passing No. 4 sieve, 11% passing No. 200 sieve, LL=50, PI=15, Cu=15, Cc=2.2. SW-SM well-graded sand with silt 4 95% passing No. 4 sieve, 90% passing No. 200 sieve, LL=55, PL=20. MH elastic silt 5 100% passing No. 4 sieve, 94% passing No. 200 sieve, LL=22, PI=5. CL-ML lean clay with silt...
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