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Geotech quick clays - To Dr Wang Date September 4 2007 Subject Rissa Norway Quick Clay Slide of 1978 The quick clay slide that occurred in Rissa

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To: Dr. Wang Date: September 4, 2007 Subject: Rissa, Norway Quick Clay Slide of 1978 The quick clay slide that occurred in Rissa, Norway in 1978 was a fairly large geologic event. A family was planning on adding an addition to a building on their farm, and therefore began excavating material from where the foundation was to be located. This material was then piled up on the side of the lake adjacent to their house, directly on the bank of the lake. The ground underneath the new load eventually failed and slid into the lake. This then caused a chain reaction where a large mass of earth slid into the lake during a fairly short period of time. The reason that this phenomenon happened was because of quick clays. When the excavated load was applied to the bank of the lake, the soil present could not withstand the load and resultant stress that it was being exposed to. The soil went through a process called liquefaction and lost all of its load-bearing properties. Liquefaction is, “The process by which sediment that is very wet starts to behave like a liquid. Liquefaction
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