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geotech lab 2 - Claire wants to ensure that her shopping...

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Memo To: Bob Date: 5/6/2009 Re: Mount Hope Project After going over the cost analysis for our Splash Springs project I have come to the conclusion that the Mount Hope Project will require $18,000,000 in funds. I believe that this estimate is accurate to the best of my abilities and information present at this time. In order to increase this accuracy, I would need to have construction cost indices from 2002, which are not available yet. One could assume that the two indices would increase by the same percentage as the site work construction has been speculated to, however, this may be unfounded. In order to give Claire an insight into the technical and financial feasibility I would need to have several different pieces of information at my disposal. For example, research into the demographics of the area would be needed.
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Unformatted text preview: Claire wants to ensure that her shopping center is going to be utilized successfully. Therefore, one would need to see the population projection for the area over the next 10-20 years as well as the income levels of the households throughout the community. Accessibility to the area is also of concern. If this section of land is close to downtown, how difficult is it going to be for heavy machinery to reach the construction site? This may add an expense to the construction as the machinery may have to be moved solely at night. These are just a few of my questions and points thus far into the research portion of the project. Attached: Cost analysis and comparison spreadsheet for the two projects. If you have any concerns I can be contacted at 1...
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