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geotech lab 6 - stress of 500 psf to 64000 psf, the...

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Memo To: Dr. Dove Date: 5/11/2009 Re: Lab 6: One Dimensional Consolidation of Soil The results acquired from the calculations preformed were as follows: P = 2500 psf _______________________ Cc = 0.45 _______________________ Cr = 0.05 _______________________ Cv = 12.84 ft^2/yr If the consolidation test specimen used in this assignment were subjected to a new consolidation test
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Unformatted text preview: stress of 500 psf to 64000 psf, the preconsolidation pressure would be determined to have a greater value somewhere neat 5000psf. Attached: Void Ratio v log(P) graph, Void Ratio v. log(P) graph, Time Deformation Curve, Sample Calculation. If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at, 1...
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