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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness - When Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of...

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When Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness, he set the book in a Belgian colony, and had Marlow work for the Belgian Company . This was not to portray the Belgian’s as bad people, but to hide the underlying message to whom, in fact, it was really meant about . Conrad was writing about the British but didn’t want them to know about it . The book offers a connecting path between the Victorian values and the ideals of modernism . The novel relies on ideas of heroism, like their Victorian ancestors, even though these ideals are constantly under scrutiny in this ever changing world . In the book, it implies that it is only normal when men are given the opportunity to live outside the social system, and that they inevitably will let the “power go to their heads” . As shown is the book, the men in power start beating and using violence over the natives as a means of punishment to get what they want . This raises the point of whether or not a person using this power is not mentally right, or if this way of living is normal in the messed up scheme of things . From a hypothetical view, Heart of Darkness is a narrative of the trouble of understanding the world beyond the self, and one man’s ability to judge another . Throughout the book, the concept of “civilization” is merely a phony idea concerning the men where surviving is not guaranteed . This book exposes the imperialistic ideals in the “dark places” that are under European control . Also, during the Victorian Era Africa was known as the “Dark Continent” . This explains half of the reason why Conrad chose Heart of Darkness as the title for his book . It shows the relationship between the location and ownership of a region, to the places that no one would want to encounter or talk about, as Marlow finds out on his conquest up the Congo . Also, to have Marlow travel on the Congo has an underlying meaning .
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The river is an important key in Africa for the Europeans . This river allows them access the middle of the continent without actually having to travel across or in it . In simpler terms, the Europeans will remain disconnected from the country, even though they are in it . In addition, the flow of the river out of the continent of Africa makes it a difficult task to complete, but the flow
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Heart of Darkness - When Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of...

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