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Challenges 1. Geography, traditions, culture, and social issues may not be road blocks in the concepts of trade anymore. Like in the slides before, with Mexico being a neighbor to the U.S. but failing to be its low cost producer. And the Fawani’s example, with the culture and traditions going into making the Fawani’s each year, the manufacturing has slowly been taken over by China who can make a cheaper, and safer product. So they are losing some of the roots of their culture. 2. Helping struggling countries, as far as bringing them to a level playing field to help compete with countries like China or India. Friedman says it could help infrastructure, government, and could even cease war. 3. On the other hand it could hurt struggling countries, by putting them even more out of the picture, and put them even further behind the rest of the world, which could ruin what little government they have right now, and could even promote war.
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