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MUS 354 notes exam 2 - MUS 354 Notes for Chapter 3 and 4...

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MUS 354 Notes for Chapter 3 and 4 Elvis returned to the studio on Valentines Day of 1957 to record “One Night” (a slow blues song-no back up vocals- ) Goes one night with you is what I’m praying for…would make my dreams come true…just call my name and I’ll be right by your side I want your sweet…My love’s too strong to hide By March Elvis sold 12.5 million singles Purchased Graceland in for $100,000 Records songs Performs in Buffalo Elvis gets the gold suit made by Nudi Would wear mostly the jacket In May of 57 Elvis does Jailhouse Rock, title song from the film-piano, bass, drums and guitar in the song-including the electric guitar Mike Stoller and Jerry Lieber helped with Jailhouse Rock Drank orange pop and ate peanut butter sandwiches Most critics agree the song was a success for Elvis Jailhouse Rock-Elvis played a man in jail for killing a women’s attacker that becomes a recording star when he gets out Film grossed 14 million –budget of $400,000 Elvis played Vince Everet #3 of variety’s list “Your so square baby I don’t care” song recently popularized-special moment for Elvis b/c Elvis played the bass and plays the riff b/c Bill Black walked out after being frustrated when he couldn’t get the intro. You don’t like crazy music…Baby you’re so square, I don’t care. On July 8 1957 Elvis takes Anita Wood to the premiere of Loving You along with his parents. His parents like her and wedding bells turning, Colonel discourages the relationship as a business move Elvis writes a new song entitled “Don’t” Col. Mad b/c he did not receive the song before it was released. 1
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“Don’t” number 1 hit for 5 weeks in 1958 Classic ballard Jordanaires were there Gold record, huge success for Elvis, response vocals, Elvis gets around from the bottom to the top of his range Very slow drawn out song-“It’s time that I hold you this way…When I feel like this and I want to kiss you baby don’t say no Now next song-“My Wish Came True” Yea Baby-bad song according to Shellans and most critics-May be the problem is the female vocalists- Strange vocal breaks dramatic ending No. 12 hit in ‘59 for Elvis. My wish came true to my surprise…before my eyes… and when my heart, started beating fast. Was then I knew, I found true love at last!!! High female vocals Christmas Songs Recorded them in September Elvis did at least 5 christmas songs “Blue Christmas”-distinct vocals relaxed and blues like-And when the blue snowflakes start falling-oOoOoOoOo “White Christmas” Sung by Bill Crosby originally recreated by the Drifters Distinctive and phrased freely in an almost gospel fashion, dramatic Critics say it strays too much from the purity of the original “Here Comes Santa Clause” Great back-up vocals Sang it like a rock n Roller Makes the song a big hit “Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me” very similar to don’t be cruel-nice blues I don’t need a lot of presents to make my Christmas bright. Santa bring my baby back to
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MUS 354 notes exam 2 - MUS 354 Notes for Chapter 3 and 4...

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