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Elvis class notes for EXAM 3

Elvis class notes for EXAM 3 - Elvis class notes for EXAM 3...

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Elvis class notes for EXAM 3 02/65: Elvis's next film is Harum Scarum ex. "Harem Holiday" Frankie and Johnny is next film ex. "Frankie and Johnny" ex. "Paradise Hawaiian Style" 08/65: The Beatles visit Elvis in L.A. 02/66: Another Elvis film! -- Spinout ex. "Spinout" 05/66: Elvis records Gospel album ex. "How Great Thou Art" In Feb 1965 Harem Scarum song Harem Holiday uptempo almost jazzy-Elvis’s RCA studio’s in Nashville next film, Costume drama, Elvis finds himself kidnapped in a strange middle eastern country with chich sexy girls-elvis plays johnny tirone-maryann mobly, michael in the film billy barty in the film, red west plays the assasin lots of bluesy almost jazzy, piano jordanaires featured on the track also You can get that juliet would never have been his girl forever, I’m gonna pack my bags-Harem Holiday Elvis spends April ’65 relaxing in LA Girl Happy opens nationally with positive reviews Single 14-wks on the charts Crying in the Chapel-Elvis’ next song sells 2 million copies before dec ‘65 May 13-15 at radio recorders elvis records the song for his next film Franky and Johnny Featured Donna Douglas who went on to play elie may clampit on the beverly hillbilly’s Elvis was her man but did her wrong-takes place on a riverboat in the Mississippi-based on the timeless song set on a 19th century riverboat Harry Morgan plays Cully, played Friday and col. Potter on Mash Swam Langdon in it as well Title track « Franky and Johnny » standard jazz song lyrics become the basis for the films story ends with a dixie bluesy piano dixie land feel lyrics the basis for the songs story 1st track still Ad-lib horns and noisy drums, clarinet acoustic base Elvis has good vocals on this track Here on the old-rollin over-cause my world hurts me so I’m her man but I’ve done her wrong 1
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By May Elvia wrapped up Franky and Johnny at MGM Cryin the Chapel tops the Beatles in England June Next film Paradise Hawaiien Style some critics said i twas just a cheap remake of blue hawaii elvis an ex airline pilot who starts a charter pilot service chopper full of dogs last one out of the water is a papaya picker Elvis plays rick richards other susanna lay Irene Sioux Red West plays rusty, james segatta Elvis Plays Ukallalee, robert eto Paradise Hawaiian Style song rising figure at the top tom-tom drums, petal steel guitar, moroccas, syncipated bridge Hawaii in USA Hawaii USA we’re flying goin your way aloha Hawaii USA-here it’s great to bein that 50th state the land love and Through Aug elvis records the track for this film Goes to honolulu Hits in August and goes to the top for 27 weeks Visits the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor with the Col. and given an award for his work to preserve that moument Finishes at Paramount studio Aug. 27, 1965 Elvis meets the Beatles they go to his home on Paruga way Jam session occurs Elvis plays base and some piano Elvis and the bEatles who is really no. 1 by mike shellans and bill slater
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Elvis class notes for EXAM 3 - Elvis class notes for EXAM 3...

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