CSE112HW1 - CSE 112 Problem Set #1 2/4/07 1. Network...

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CSE 112 Problem Set #1 2/4/07 1. Network Types- a. Social Network- I was very involved in a youth group throughout high school, so I think the following network is quite interesting. It is a network composed of everyone who was in the same youth group that I was (it is nationwide), meaning about thirteen thousand vertices. The edges are bidirectional and determined by taking into account if two people have ever attended the same event. Even though there are seventeen different regions in the youth group’s model, there are annual conventions and summer trips which attract members from all over. Because every year there are new trips, new conventions, and new members, the network is constantly evolving and growing, forming new edges as people move out of their regional network and join the national network. b. Content Network- One of the more popular file-sharing networks that exists right now is something called the torrent network. It works differently than traditional Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks by splitting up files among many different users and then recombining them once they are downloaded. In this network, each user that is sharing a file is a vertex. The edges represent the uploading and downloading of files, meaning that these edges are unidirectional. If someone is an uploader and a downloader, the edge goes both ways, but if someone only downloads, the edge only goes in one direction. As more people turn to the torrent
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Roseman 2 network to download media, the network sizes increases. When torrents were in their infancy, the amount of material available was extremely important, but as time as passed, there is a now a lot of material, so the addition of more would seem to not affect the popularity of torrents and therefore would not increase network size. c. Business Network- The competition among software technology firms has never been greater in history, and as such there is strong demand for skilled and creative workers to fuel the development of cutting edge graphics, operating systems, and other software. As such, top companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Sun Microsystems are constantly trying to recruit the top employees of their rivals’ firms in order to better their products. The network I propose is one composed of vertices that represent any worker who has ever had a job as a software engineer or a related field. The edges that exist between the vertices would describe if said person has ever worked with another person at the same company. If so, there is a bidirectional edge linking them. Therefore, people who have worked at multiple companies will provide the bridge to link the different components of the network together. Since there is a lot of fluidity in the software development field, many people continue to move between companies, hoping to find better pay and benefits. d.
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CSE112HW1 - CSE 112 Problem Set #1 2/4/07 1. Network...

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