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Star of the Show 2 - Troy: a Confused Religious Approach...

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Troy: a Confused Religious Approach Euhemerism- Achilles and Hector. Achilles, son of Peleus and sea-nympha Thetis. But pays no homage to the Gods. Irreligious. Brute. Resolute in fighting. Defaces statue of Apollo. In Iliad Haephaestus makes him new armor that helps him defeat the Trojans and battle Hector. Hector- a hero, but not born of the gods. Nonetheless, not an ordinary man. He had the gods at his side, especially Athena when fighting Achilles. No mention of that. Religion itself- Twice in the story Priam rejects the advice of his sons in favor of religious omens. Obeying religious omens is in contrast to general feeling of dearth of gods’ presence But then, the movie makes a point to focus on the decapitation of apollo’s statue, as well as the killing of apollo’s priests. Which is it? It would be nearly impossible to lay out in full the significant inaccuracies in the movie Troy as it relates to the Iliad . Such an undertaking would require far too much space than this essay, however I would like to elucidate one major flaw of the movie, namely its treatment of religion. Throughout classical works, religion as seen through the lens of the Greek and Roman gods has
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Star of the Show 2 - Troy: a Confused Religious Approach...

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