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Star of the Show 1-1

Star of the Show 1-1 - Leto approach in labor with the...

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First Story Hero- Leto o “Hail Blessed Leto since you bored glorious children, lord Apollo and arrow-pouring Artemis” (14-15) Initial Situation of family, with Zeus as father. o Leto (with Apollo inside her) takes leave of Mount Olympos in search of a home for Apollo. Absentation. o Villain- Apollo’s violence. This is similar to a character in that it chases Leto away from many places, and even makes Delos nervous, as well as the Olympic gods. “Apollo the far-shooter, at whose approach the gods throughout the house of Zeus tremble” (1-2). This villain causes harm to the family by not giving a birthplace for Apollo for a long time o Lack- Leto lacks a place to give birth to Apollo. o Departure- Leto leaves home in search of a good birthplace. “So many places did
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Unformatted text preview: Leto approach in labor with the far-shooter” (45) o Spatial Trasference- Leto finds Delos, the place that is to become Apollo’s birthplace. o Struggle- Delos is not completely excited about it she fears Apollo’s anger (The Villain). “But I tremble at this prophecy, Leto, nor will I hide it from you… for I am terribly afraid in my heart and spirit lest, when he first sees the light of the sun, in scorn for my island, since I do have rocky ground, he may overturn me with his feet and push me into the depths of the sea.” (66-74) o Victory- the “Villain” (his violence) is defeated as Delos accedes to Leto’s request o Liquidation- Leto has found a place to birth Apollo....
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