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RomeRealStudyList - 1 Comitia Centuriata a 193...

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1. Comitia Centuriata a. 193 “centuries” (voting units) b. Each unit voted according to the majority vote of its members c. Could be summoned only by one with imperium d. Early on, elected consuls, praetors, and censors e. Early on, voted on matters of war and peace f. Heavily favored incumbents and wealthy citizens g. Voted to recall Cicero from exile in 57 BCE 2. Perseus a. Son of Philip V in Macedonia b. Involved in Third Macedonian War (171-168) c. Romans were looking for reason to go to war d. Perseus defeated at Pydna in 168 by Lucius Aemillius Paulus e. Example of war where concept of ‘Just War’ was amended to suit Rome’s desires. Rome wanted to get rid of potential enemy f. Also provided Rome with a way to expand, by citing ‘defense of allies’ as primary reason g. In contrast to war with Perseus, First and Second Macedonian Wars were fought b/c of wrongs Romans thought Philip V (father) had done them (i.e. to ally with Hanibal 3. Mithradates VI Eupator (120 BCE) a. Expelled Roman-supported leader Nicomedia from Bithynia. b. Exploits Social War (91-87) and Rome’ s conflict with Cimbri and Tuetones and captures territories from Rome c. Ordered the ‘Asian Vespers’ in 88, where 80,000 Italian and Roman inhabitants of Asia Minor were killed to cut ties with Rome. d. Survived Roman attacks for 30 years e. Was an omnipresent threat to Roman empire, or at least perceived that way f. There were three Mithridatic Wars(90-85, 83-82, 74-63), none successful in killing Mithridates. He either committed suicide or was killed by his soldiers. g. Rome exploited his killing of Manius Aquillius in order to further their cause 4. Pompey a. Ruled in the triumvirate with Crassus and Caesar. b. Very successful in his wars- defeated the pirates, defeated Mithradates and brought back tremendous wealth c. Had the Campus Martius built in his honor. d. Did not care for politics much e. Was given sole consulship in 52 to bring order back to Rome f. 5. Caesar a. Defeated the Gauls (58-50 BCE) and Ariovistus(specifically the Helvetii) b. Part of triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey
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c. After Crassus’ death, had power struggle with Pompey, resulted in Civil War (49-45) d. Instituted the Julian calendar e. First leader to have multiple consecutive dictatorships f. Killed by senators on March 15, 44 g. Offered clementia to all who opposed him in civil war. (clemency from their actions) 6. Vercingetorix a. Gallic leader who united the Gauls against Caesar b. Adopted modern warfare and disrupted Caesar’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy c. Expelled by his uncle b/c uncle thought the fight was futile d. Defeated Caesar in several battles, took his last stand in Alesia e. Caesar besieged the fortress at Alesia, forcing Vercingetorix to surrender. f.
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RomeRealStudyList - 1 Comitia Centuriata a 193...

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