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Speech 2 requirments

Speech 2 requirments - PROJECT TWO Two sides to every story...

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PROJECT TWO: Two sides to every story : 1. Choose a public issue. Make sure that it is something in the public domain Try to pick something that others won’t pick. 2. Choose two opposing sides of the issue and inform your audience about the two sides. Do NOT let your audience know which side you favor. If at the end of your speech we can tell which side you favor, you can earn no higher than a C on the speech. Learn to remove bias from your presentation Go for balance and for information. 3. For example, you might pick stem cell research . First you’ll explain the position and interests of those in favor of stem cell research. Then you’ll explain the positions and interests of those who oppose stem cell research. Note: your instructor will work with the class to insure that no more than two people do the exact same topic. A preparation outline/bibliography is required. Extemporaneous delivery is required.
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