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Crash news story mc112

Crash news story mc112 - Highway patrolman Gus Blockman...

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Crash MC112 Sept. 18, 2005 Maggie Rold Teaser: Coming up, how a woman and her dog both ended up in medical centers yesterday. OC Maggie 0:07 A 28 year-old woman and her dog were injured yesterday after her car went off an embankment and flipped over off Highway 242. VO1 Flipped Car 0:03
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Unformatted text preview: Highway patrolman Gus Blockman arrived at the scene. SOT Cop 0:03 “She is in critical condition at Muir Medical Center.” VO2 Vet Clinic 0:03 Her Rottweiler was also injured and is being treated at a OC 0:04 clinic in Concord. I’m Maggie Rold, for KGFN-TV....
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