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Immigration Statutes - Immigration...

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Immigration Statutes: Apply all Possible Options!! III. Family and Diversity-Based Immigration: 1. § 101(a)(35): Definition of the term “Spouse”, “Wife”, or Husband. 2. § 101(b)(1): The term “Child” means an unmarried… 3. § 101(b)(2): The Term “Parent”, “Father”, or “Mother” – not always father. 4. § 201: World Wide Level of Immigration. 5. § 202: Numerical Limitations on Individual Foreign States: 6. § 203(a): Preferences Allocation for Family-Sponsored Immigrants: 7. § 203(b): Preference Allocation for Employment-Based Immigrants: 8. § 203(c): Diversity Immigration: Lottery!! ALLWAYS WORTH TRY 9. § 203(d): Treatment of Family Members: 10. § 203(e): Order of Consideration: Done in order in which they were filed. 11. § 203(f): Authorization of Issuance : 12. § 203(g): Lists: 13. § 204: Procedure for Granting Immigrant Status: 14. § 205: Revocation of Approval of Petitions; notice of Revocation; Effective Date. 15: § 206: Unused Immigrant Visas: 16. § 213A: Requirements for Sponsor’s Affidavit of Support: Public Charge. 17. § 216: Conditional Perm. Residence Status for Certain Alien Spouses and sons and Daughters: Marriages IV. Employment Based Immigration: 1. § 212(a)(5)(A): Labor Certification and Qualification for Certain Immigrants: Labor Certification: 2. § 212(a)(5)(D): Application of Grounds: 3. § 203(b)(1): Priority Workers : 4. § 203(b)(2): Aliens Who are Members of the Profession Holding Advanced Degrees or Aliens of Exceptional Ability: 5. § 203(b)(3): Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers: 6. § 203(b)(4): Certain Special Immigrants: 7. § 203(b)(5): Employment Creation: Create own job in impoverished area with funds. Mention 216A. 8. § 101(a)(32): The term “ Professional ” shall include… 9. § 216A: Conditional Perm. Residence Status for Certain Alien Entrepreneurs, Spouses, and Children. § 203(b)(5). 10. § 101(a)(27): The term “Special Immigrant” means – those not counted towards quotas. V. Nonimmigrants: 1. § 101(a)(15): The term “Immigrant” means every alien except an alien who is within one of the …. . 2. § 101(a)(44): The term “Managerial Capacity” means an assignment within an organization in which… 3. § 101(a)(45): The term “Substantial” means, for the purpose of paragraph (15)(E)… Treaty Trader. 4. § 212(e): Educational Visitor Status; Foreign Residence Requirement; Waiver. Pertains to 101(a)(15)(J).
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Immigration Statutes - Immigration...

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