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Maggie Rold 09-13-06 Three Janitors Ran the Field Three janitors were arrested last night as the Dodger’s hosted the Mets. Instead of running their brooms, they were running the field. Frank Simmons, 38; Jorge Munoz, 50; and Dan Reed, 44, ran out to center field and unfurled a banner that read, “Fair Pay Now!” The three men and other members of the janitor and maintenance workers, Union Local #311, have been striking Dodger stadium the last three weeks demanding better pay from stadium management. Janitors are now paid $8.50 an hour. The strikers are seeking an increase to $10.00, and an increase in medical benefits. When the incident occurred, a crowd of 34,000 fans were watching as Jackie Snider of the Dodger’s was at bat with two out in the fourth inning. The Mets pitcher,
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Unformatted text preview: Tom Koosman said, “At first, I didn’t know what was going on. I thought there might be a steal on, but no one was at first base and the umpire wasn’t looking at the play.” Most of the people in the stands booed the strikers. One fan, Bert Nygaard from Glendora stated, “It was the damndest thing I ever saw in 40 years of watching baseball. I can’t believe they’re interrupting the national pastime.” Several other people interviewed supported the strike for better wages. Mike Taft, 32, of Azusa said, “I didn’t like them interrupting the game but I can sympathize with what they want.” Simons, Munoz, and Reed face expected charges of Disturbing the Peace and Trespassing from the District Attorney’s Office....
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