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Forsythe-mcom 112-paper 3

Forsythe-mcom 112-paper 3 - some of the passengers jumped...

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Forsythe MC112 TTH 930 9-15-05 Maggie Rold A retired railroad engineer died yesterday while hauling 10 passengers on a scenic route through the zoo when the train went out of control. John Forsythe, 67, worked as the engineer of the miniature train at the City’s Oak Park Zoo. He had worked for the zoo for two years after working for the Southern Pacific Railroad for 41 years. While on the one-mile scenic route, Forsythe was thrown from the train when the engine overturned and its cars jumped the track. He died at the scene. Witnesses said they heard him yelling that he could not stop the train and
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Unformatted text preview: some of the passengers jumped off when the train was about to crash. Ten passengers were injured, but none seriously and were all given first aid at the scene by zoo paramedics. The red miniature train, with partly open sides, bench seats, and five cars, normally travels 3 to 5 miles an hour. Zoo Director Lucy Driscoll said the miniature railroad will be shut down until the staff completes an investigation of the accident and all the tracks and rolling stock have been carefully examined....
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