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Rawls paper-philosophy - Maggie Rold Philosophy John Rawls...

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Maggie Rold Philosophy John Rawls Paper Does justice have a role in our society, and is justice important to our society? There are many different views on this topic and many of them far from each other. Is justice given and received in our society? How should it be given or received? John Rawls has his beliefs and points of view on this. Rawls believes that the society he writes about is the only moral response that society should go upon. His theory of justice is based on social contract theory. It’s a way to understand the formation and the structure of Democratic societies. His theory of justice and many points lead to what he believes makes a society just and answers some of the questions we al may have about justice. According to Rawls, justice does not come from the greater good of some people when others have a loss of freedom and rights. There needs to be principles of justice. He states that in a society containing rules and a system to go by, there will eventually be a conflict of interests. People are going to want more and be better. People also have different interests in society. This is when a set of principles is needed to disperse rights and duties and find the right distribution try and make things fair. A suitable distribution is necessary for social arrangements and advantages. This will help in creating the benefits and burdens of social cooperation. The question of justice comes up also a lot with the topic of social justice. Is the way that the government and other political constitutions distribute our rights and freedoms just? The basic structure of society is built in a way that a person is born into a
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Rawls paper-philosophy - Maggie Rold Philosophy John Rawls...

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