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Aalok Trivedi CCJS105, Section 0201 Professor Doherty 22 April 2008 Crime Biography Crime has been a prevalent problem in society since the beginning of civilizations, and for years, criminologists have developed countless theories, each bringing us closer to answering why people commit crimes . The best way criminologists develop these theories of crime or match them to certain actions of an offender is to observe that offender’s behavior over a significant period of time . One of my childhood friends, we’ll call him “David,” is and always has been a good law- abiding citizen . He was my next-door neighbor for about seven years from the time I was six years old . He comes from a well-to-do family and does very well in school. To my knowledge, David has not committed a crime or shown any noticeable delinquent behavior in his life . The only delinquent behavior, on a very low scale, David has shown would be through small pranks around friends at school . Growing up, David and I would spend most of our time playing sports, mostly Little League baseball to keep us occupied and out of trouble . Although he is too young to be thoroughly involved in the community, David is an active member in his high school’s Student Government Association (SGA) . He works hard every day after school and has been elected student body president . Along with SGA, David also does many other extracurricular activities and is a part of many school clubs . Instead of describing someone’s crime biography, I described someone without a life of
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crim2 - Trivedi 1 Aalok Trivedi CCJS105, Section 0201...

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