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art100 - The enlarged baseball has the most characteristics...

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Aalok Trivedi Artt 100 Professor Buck-Coelman 17 October 2007 Project 2: Gestalt Collage/Montage For this assigned gestalt collage project, I chose the subject matter of steroids in baseball. It is a highly controversial topic now of days, and it is a topic that I feel strongly about. I want to see that the integrity of the beautiful game of baseball is preserved and that all the corruption is subdued. In my final image, I chose to create a hypodermic needle injecting a highly magnified baseball with some sort of substance. At the same time, the baseball seems to be crumbling and falling apart as a result of the injected substance. Down below, there is a young boy, a fan, simply closing his eyes in disappointment as a single tear drips down his cheek. This is the image you are faced with as you look at the piece from afar, but as you look closely, you can see other numerous images that make up the overall composition.
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Unformatted text preview: The enlarged baseball has the most characteristics of a gestalt collage. As you look closer, the baseball is comprised of many different baseball players from past decades, mostly from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Since these pictures are in black and white, it adds a nice texture and a sense of realism to the baseball. Also, the substance in the syringe is comprised of modern and current players other known as the “Steroid Era.” This adds a powerful conceptual theme in that the new “Steroid Era” baseball players are corrupting and destroying the traditional way of baseball. The large white baseball against the dark background adds a sense of contrast and adds a focal point to the overall image. However, I feel the piece is well balanced because the needle in the middle of the baseball leads you to the syringe; meanwhile, the crumbling pieces of the baseball draws your eyes to the sad fan....
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art100 - The enlarged baseball has the most characteristics...

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