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American Government and Politics 10/10/06 Congress 1. Vs. a “strong nation with a weak state” - five weaknesses by design 2. Congress as an institution - sources of its power - who is in it, what do they do? 3. Organization of Congress 4. Function of Congress By design US is a weak national state Strong state= concentrated power/potent 5 weaknesses by design 1. Separation of Powers - Different governing authorities in different branches - Some shared powers - Why did framers want to separate? To weaken the state so fed. Gov. did
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Unformatted text preview: not get out of control.-Different election/ constituencies-“Ambition must be made to counter ambition” -Acknowledge human nature as it is reality you know people will control through their own interests so design a system that will balance these things against each other -Make branches compete ensuring system will survive = justification-Framers = rational choice theorists 2. Federalism-...
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