1-15 Urban Politics

1-15 Urban Politics - Urban Development in the United...

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Urban Development in the United States Pre-Industrial Mercantile Cities Industrial Cities Political Cities The Reform Era Suburbanization & Dependent Cities - Significant development in last century - Automobile and streetcar made this possible - Began in 1920s but stopped in depression era - 1970s more American’s lived in suburbs than in central cities - Dominant characteristic in metropolitan United States - Suburban governments were incorporated and led to political separation between cities and suburbs - Pronounced patterns of economic and racial segregation - “White flight” – white residents moved to suburbs - Central cities seen as places where minority populations were concentrated - Suburbs have become more diverse between each other now but are homogenous internally (esp. economically) - Central city problems have proliferated - Suburbanization direct result of exodus of middle class populations - Central city tax base suffers due to shift of income - Central city mayors have looked to federal government for support – Urban Renewal programs (popular in 70s) – “War on Poverty” - Powers of cities are limited therefore must appeal to state and federal government - 1980s federal government resorted to pattern of withdrawing support from cities - Cities now have a lot less political clout with national politics - Central city mayors have been forced to proceed with progressive re-development to attract businesses - Mayors have had to deal with inter-group tensions as well due to immigrant populations and effects of globalization - 1990s there was a period of revitalization bringing prosperity to some central cities - Populations stabilized and economic opportunities grew
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1-15 Urban Politics - Urban Development in the United...

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