1-17 Urban Politics

1-17 Urban Politics - Why Municipal Expansion Happened L160...

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Why Municipal Expansion Happened L160 Public health crises called for a new city infrastructure and services - New crises brought city infrastructure and services - Sewer System in Boston 1823 - Things were only addressed when they happened Business and civic boosters led the charge for public services when disasters threatened the economic vitality of cities. - business leadership played key role in city development - wanted businesses to invest in communities rather than abandon them - coalition of business leaders pushing policy Growing middle class in the late 19 th century became intolerant of unsafe urban conditions - Emergence of fields in labor market facilitated expansion of middle class - Middle class sensibilities took hold people became intolerant of previously tolerable conditions Have skills ans time to devote to these political causes - By the turn of the century cities here provided better services than cities in Europe - City Governments were at the cutting edge of technology - Constitutional Problems arose because cities were limited in their political power Limited Political Powers of Early Cities Courts ruled that states had the power ti define the powers and obligations of local governments - Attitudes at the time supported the view - Power of local government should be regulated by states - From a suspicion of local politicians
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1-17 Urban Politics - Why Municipal Expansion Happened L160...

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