10-24 Lecture - The Bureaucracy Strong Nation and a Weak...

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The Bureaucracy Strong Nation and a Weak State - Weak administrative apparatus - None of the major articles of constitution regulate bureaucracy - Constitution didn’t prevent bureaucracy either - Layed the groundwork for what would later be the bureaucracy - Article 2 there are executive departments (doesn’t create but assumes they’re there) Framers envisioned a system of multiple departments Hamilton wrote that the administration of government should at least have 4 areas - Foreign issues - Plans of finance - Allocations of public moneys - Operation of war Staff would be necessary United States was born with a distaste for bureaucracy More thought was put into minimizing bureaucracy rather than figuring out how to have en effective one Americans have always opted for liberty More bureaucracy the less liberty We fear bureaucracy but we cannot live without Organize and control the bureaucracy in a way that minimizes the assault of it License vs. Red Tape - License: Make decisions arbitrarily, too much power (too much= despots) - Red Tape : limits license – refers to processes and procedures that slow down implementation of processes of bureaucrats. Create checks and balances in bureaucracy Bureaucracy is at the heart of many American contests Early Bureaucracy Protects against Indian Attacks from militia After threat was reduces the militias would disband Ad-hoc systems formed around militia in response to threats against national security gradually added local offices (printers, postal service, etc.) – elite “Jeffersonian elite” positions of honor
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10-24 Lecture - The Bureaucracy Strong Nation and a Weak...

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