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Revolutions happen when the upper class can no longer rule like before and the lower class can no longer tolerate. 1913-1914 everyone was waiting for a revolution to happen Revolutions make very rapid ascendances Why no other big socialism revolutions in Europe? Germany turned to a tactic by accepting the socialist movement but the revolutionaries were not willing to go behind the barricades when they were receiving almost everything they needed from the government Many Proletariats became conservative Nobody wanted to participate in socialist strikes because Germany’s propaganda was so
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Unformatted text preview: good “the war to end all wars” • People joined because military service brought benefits • These wars were industrial “conveyer belt wars” not like any before • Firing shells at such a rate that industry could not keep up • England was discussing day care (conservative government) • Built day care in factories to accommodate their interests • Fewer people worked in the fields (European countries were starving) • WWI ended so suddenly because they lost morale...
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