10-31 Lecture - Danielle McLean 10/31/06 American...

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Danielle McLean 10/31/06 Political Parties REVIEW: Bureaucracy has been the glue of government Party plums helped connect citizens to representatives Doling out of public jobs was a major source of transaction Pendleton Act in response to Garfield’s assassination and produced a merit based system Progressive Era- Wilson and other neutral competence Reagan’s shift in rhetoric- maintain a government big enough but small enough Bureaucratic imagination after 9/11 understand idea of judicial federalism costs of it, bias, judicial review, Marburry v. Madison undemocratic feature of constitution writ of serciary without passing legislation courts change behaviors through precedent despite moments when courts are challenged most people find ruling to be final 2/3 want judiciary more independent 1. 2. Why only 2 parties? 3. 3 spheres of party 4. electoral realignments parties tie together electoral politics with government operations constitution doesn’t mention parties (intentional) because it’s “part” not whole because people would substitute their own interests for public good and framers were worried that
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10-31 Lecture - Danielle McLean 10/31/06 American...

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