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1-11 - • People from Paris invade and alert them about...

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The Emergence of Modern Mass Politics. 1/11/07 Conservatives conserve Liberals Radicals come from radices = root (root of the problem) If you have a big investment in yesterday you don’t want it to change- rich Lourdes give up on feudalism- when there’s a down turn in labor you cannot fire your slaves There is no economic flexibility in feudalism agriculture Why would a trailer park poor family rely on conservatism? Military service was their way to education Pier Bourdieu – Habitus: Social Habit, how people do things in life- political behavior is consistent with social position Conservatives made an investment in something esp. war In French revolution – bloody idiotic event (madness) Normally the people who have something to lose in historical change become conservative French revolution was supposedly bringing good to peasants but the peasants liked some of the Lourdes
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Unformatted text preview: • People from Paris invade and alert them about freedom, fraternity, citizenship, etc. • 1848 there was another revolution in France and they elected a President (nephew of Napoleon) • Napoleonic mistake was to attack Germans and he surrendered • American revolution was unheard of because it was not very bloody • Edmund Berk = first conservative • Al Hirshman – one of the first economists “Rhetoric of Reaction” • Perversity- if you want freedom you will get more tyranny, Jeopardy- it’s a big building but if you try to do something it’s going to collapse, Futility- that’s human nature, boys will be boys, etc. Irish were poor, drunk and violent because they were Irish • These arguments are always the same • King was not elected and did not have the right in parliament • Conservatives were the party of order • Liberals are reformists...
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