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10-12 Lecture - American Government Politics Lecture The...

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American Government & Politics 10/12/06 Lecture - The Presidency MIDTERM focus on key terms/bold terms problems within each topic- link to liberty, democracy and equality politics in congress have become increasingly polarized= devalued idea of dialogue and debate more extreme policy differences as well- doesn’t withstand long term effects 1. It’s historical Development 2. Perspectives on the Presidency - Constitutional perspective - political power perspective - psychological perspective - institutional perspective Identify 2 eras founding-1930s (heavily congress centered) so accepted congresses role and presidents role was to carry out laws William Henry Harrison (would not seek a 2 nd term, wouldn’t use veto and tried to convince congress to remove treasury) Structure of presidents environment has changed over time Constitution draws lines and the politicians play game inside lines then others push the boundaries Civil Rights Movement was about expanding legal rights for all Presidents are motivated by shape of government Election of president would shape how he acted when he was there (shapes behavior once in office)
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  • Fall '07
  • Galvin
  • President of the United States, early 20th century, Veto threats, 20th century Presidents, individual presidents Legitimacy

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